Jamming Station Sessions

Jamming Station Spring Sessions January / February 2018

6 weeks - WEDNESDAYS from Januray 3 to February 7

5:00 PM7:30 PM



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Sessions are held at The Civic Hall, Totnes

We are based in the Civic Hall, Totnes, where we have ample space to rehearse, break away into smaller groups, run workshops and make a big sound. We have a full PA and various instruments, a sound engineer, music leaders and young music mentors who all work together to provide a great resource for young musicians.


Sessions run throughout the school year and are booked in half-term blocks. We require half-termly commitment which ends with a gig at our local music venue, the Barrel House, which is a stones throw from the Civic Hall.

Half-term structure:

We begin our half term by welcoming new members to the group, introducing new songs, styles, themes and tools. And individuals are encouraged to bring their songs and ideas and to start working together in groups of two or more.

Through the six or so sessions, songs develop within the group and each musician develops new skills through playing with others, practicing, finding support within the group and from the leaders and performing to the group.

We have occasional OPEN MIC/PUBLIC GIGS at The Barrell House. Check the website for details.

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Members agree to:

  • Turn up on time with instruments, resources inc. tuners, capos etc.
  • Inform a JS Leader before the session if you are ill or unavoidably detained
  • Be generous and helpful towards others
  • Be considerate and respectful towards others with regards to sound levels
  • Help to set up and pack away at least three items
  • No smoking in/outside of the building during sessions
  • Be open to playing music with all other members
  • Be open to playing a variety of genres and styles
  • Be open to trying new instruments
  • Be open to giving and receiving feedback from members and leaders

Leaders agree to:

  • Arrive on time
  • Let members and parents know ASAP of changes to practical arrangements
  • Ensure the safety and well being of participants
  • Seek out volunteers, tutors and facilitators to assist progression in music
  • Be considerate towards the group and the individual needs of members
  • Be kind, helpful and sensitive
  • Be open to feedback about the sessions
  • Be open to exploring and trying out new ideas
  • Support members to further develop musical, social and professional skills
  • Seek out and facilitate opportunities to gig /showcase in the wider community
  • Proactively seek funding to enrich the delivery of JS

Parents agree to:

  • Read all communication from JS
  • Inform a JS Leader ASAP if a member cannot attend sessions or gigs
  • Pay fees on time, within two weeks of the beginning of each half term
  • Support JS and its members where possible by attending gigs and events
  • Encourage the progression in music
  • Inform a JS Leader if there are any issues that may be affecting the wellbeing, attendance or ability to participate

A typical session

A typical session usually looks like this, though it can vary depending on the group:

  • 5.00

    Setup - tune up

  • 5.15

    Group meeting

  • 5.30

    Music development

    Mentoring, peer skill sharing, breakaway groups, vocal, rhythm and general music skills.

  • 6.00

    Group jam

  • 6.30

    Stage slot for band rehearsal.

    Breakaway groups into smaller spaces for acoustic practise.

  • 7.00

    Stage sharing

    This time is for any musicians to perform/share/receive feedback on their music.

  • 7.15

    Pack up

  • 7.30