Sound Sampling Workshop

Introduction to Sampling and Music Production Workshop with Jimi Stewart

Tuesdays from 14 Nov to 5 Dec

5:00 PM7:00 PM



Bogan House, Totnes

Using samples, found sounds, acoustic and electric instruments to create a track that will help develop experimentation and production skills.

The workshop over the next 4 weeks will give you basic understanding of some of the methods used in making electronic music using samples from found sounds, instruments and existing tracks.

Lots of things can stifle creativity... Having too much technology at your fingertips, being overly perfectionist, having pre-conceived ideas of how music should sound etc.. We believe that making music is much more fun when it involves experimentation and collaboration.

We are constantly looking at how workflow and process feed and mold creativity, and we want this to be the backbone of the workshop. We will split the group into two and have two separate workstations (assisted by myself and Ben respectively) where we will work together to create a track using samples, found sounds and instruments. We have prepared a set of fun processes which each group can use to help make quick decisions and encourage “happy accidents”.

Members agree to:

  • Turn up on time with instruments, resources inc. tuners, capos etc.
  • Inform a JS Leader before the session if you are ill or unavoidably detained
  • Be generous and helpful towards others
  • Be considerate and respectful towards others with regards to sound levels
  • Help to set up and pack away at least three items
  • No smoking in/outside of the building during sessions
  • Be open to playing music with all other members
  • Be open to playing a variety of genres and styles
  • Be open to trying new instruments
  • Be open to giving and receiving feedback from members and leaders

Leaders agree to:

  • Arrive on time
  • Let members and parents know ASAP of changes to practical arrangements
  • Ensure the safety and well being of participants
  • Seek out volunteers, tutors and facilitators to assist progression in music
  • Be considerate towards the group and the individual needs of members
  • Be kind, helpful and sensitive
  • Be open to feedback about the sessions
  • Be open to exploring and trying out new ideas
  • Support members to further develop musical, social and professional skills
  • Seek out and facilitate opportunities to gig /showcase in the wider community
  • Proactively seek funding to enrich the delivery of JS

Parents agree to:

  • Read all communication from JS
  • Inform a JS Leader ASAP if a member cannot attend sessions or gigs
  • Pay fees on time, within two weeks of the beginning of each half term
  • Support JS and its members where possible by attending gigs and events
  • Encourage the progression in music
  • Inform a JS Leader if there are any issues that may be affecting the wellbeing, attendance or ability to participate

Rough Schedule

Week 1
  • A brief introduction to the plan and aims for the coming weeks.

  • Introduction to the software and equipment.

  • Setup Ableton session file management 101.

  • Gather sounds and create samples.

  • Processing samples.

  • Time at the end of each session for Q and A.

Week 2
  • Create drum patterns and add a Bass line.

  • Ableton Drum-rack midi.

  • Ableton simpler for pitched percussion.

  • Record Bass line and resample.

  • Mono Synthesis 101.

  • Right A and B section.

  • Time at the end of each session for Q and A.

Week 3
  • Add chords and melody.

  • Poly synthesis 101.

  • Vocal processing and sampling.

  • Importance of the bridge.

  • Time at the end of each session for Q and A.

Week 4
  • Finalising arrangement and tweaking track.

  • Final touches Mixing your tracks.

  • Extended Q and A. (what happens after you have made the track)