Jamming Station Sound Sampling Workshop

with Jimi Stewart

Jimi Stewart, Sound Producer, is running Sound Sampling workshops for Jamming Station.

Using samples, found sounds, acoustic and electric instruments to create a track that will help develop experimentation and production skills.

The workshops are free to attend and open to all aged 13-21 but there is a max of 12 spaces so email us if you would like to book a place. Ideally participants will want to come for as many of the sessions as possible so that they benefit so when booking let us know if there are any sessions you can’t make.


Girls Rock Workshops

By Jacqui Perks

Jamming Station invites aspiring young female musicians aged 13-21 to join us for a day of plugged-in jamming and rocking-out!

All levels welcome - you don't have to be able to play a rock instrument, just be willing to give it a go. Female facilitators and musicians will be around to help get you started and there will also be the opportunity to get familiar with setting-up and using a sound desk.


Be part of the Totnes youth music scene

By Beth Coombes

Jamming Station is known as a music resource for young people, to socialise, create music together and perform at great local venues. It is also a hub for their friends to be part of, whether it is coming to our open mic gigs, taking part in community workshops or volunteering with us on the sound desk or behind the camera. If you, or someone you know, loves listening to music, being part of the youth music scene or wants to get involved with Jamming Station in a creative way, then get in touch. We need people to film, take photos, record, help carry equipment at gigs (for a free ticket of course), post our news on social media and just be part of our network of Jamming Station friends.


Saturday Workshops

By Lee Friese-Greene

In the pipeline is a series of stand-alone Saturday workshops. The first of these will be 'Rock School for Grrls' This will be an all day workshop aimed at getting girls to plug-in, make some noise and find their inner Riot Grrl!
Jamming Station are inviting experienced female musicians from the alternative music scene to facilitate this workshop which will provide opportunities to try out drums, bass and electric guitar, jam and perform, and participate in discussions about what it means to be a woman in a male-dominated industry.
20 places available.
Watch this space for further details


We are official!!!

By Lee Friese-Greene

Jamming station is very pleased to announce that it is now officially registered as a Community Interest Company.
Jamming Station C.I.C was formally recognised by HMRC on 30th April 2016. Although this may mean a bit more paperwork, the good news is that we will become eligible for a wider range of grants from funders and charitable trusts, so we can start to plan some exciting projects for the next few years.


What equipment is available for me to use at Jamming Station?

By Lee Friese-Greene

Stored in our present at home at Totnes Civic Hall, we have an Allen and Heath desk and full PA system set up on stage each week. For the technically minded, our tech guy is always keen to guide members through setting up and using the system each session so they can practice the craft of stage management.

We have a full rock drum kit as well as a set of Cajóns and range of percussion. There are a variety of guitars available for members to try, including both an electric and a bass guitar, an acoustic 12-string and a small classical guitar. We even have a semi-acoustic ukulele! We have a range of amplifiers, a small selection of effect and loops pedals and a five octave Yamaha keyboard. We also have a drum kit available for members to try out at home, and it is always possible for other instruments and equipment to be loaned to members for half a term or so. Of course we encourage members to bring their own instruments when they can and to remember to include capos, straps, plectrums etc although we do also keep a small supply of these too!


Do you fancy a songwriting challenge?

By Jacqui Perks

Do you love songwriting but haven’t written in a while or maybe every song you write sounds a little too familiar? If you fancy a real challenge then get out of your comfort zone with Jamming Station. Jam together and co create with other like minded musicians. Explore new sounds and try different approaches to writing in our weekly sessions or stand alone Songwriting Workshops. It’s so refreshing to break the mould!
Surprise yourself.



If you are between 13 and 21 and want to take part in Jamming Station we would love to hear from you.
If you're a little older and want to support Jamming Station we would love to hear from you too!