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Larno was part of the core group of young musicians to start co-creating this new project in town, called Jamming Station. This was at a time of his life when his confidence in expressing himself was low. He was suffering emotionally with the aftermath of his parents splitting up and felt vulnerable in life. He was a shy, sensitive but experimental 14-year old creative artist.

His chosen instrument and style was unusual and didn’t fit easily with others’ sounds which would accentuate a feeling of insecurity. He thought the sound was quite alien to others and didn’t fit with the vibe of their music. He felt isolated socially. He didn’t know who he was and was really affected by how he thought others perceived him. It wasn’t encouraging that his peers would form tight social cliques which seemed threatening to him.

During times of self doubt and low self-esteem, Larno was able to confide in the adult leaders which helped him recognize and acknowledge his feelings better.

“I think at that age no-one really knows who they are. But at jamming station, because we are sharing something so universal as music, we all felt like it was a place where we can be honest with who we are and how we are feeling in that moment.”

This process encouraged new ways of exploring music with others. Larno developed a particular taste for improvisation with other musicians.

“I love the energy that gets created in a jam, and the spontaneity of it all as well, the fact that neither player knows on what path the music is going to take next”

Larno is now studying in London, continuing with music and dance. He looks back upon his early teenage years with Jamming Station and feels grateful as he developed some close friendships, performed at many gigs and grew to become at ease with his unique creative style. He feels that the project gave him the support and creative space for him to create something truly meaningful.

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“Young people are able to develop their communication, teamwork, and motivational skills by working with each other to produce and perform music.”
Simon Roberts, Area Youth Worker, Devon Youth Service

“brought me out of my comfort zone enormously”

“You’re giving them the opportunity to show their ability, be unique on themselves and not be judged.”
Karen, parent

“I have been in a world music cocoon and jamming station has helped me come out of it.”

You're doing a grand thing. Reuben came home after his 3rd session, included and motivated... inspired. He's seeing music/playing in a new light” Thank you.

I wish we had more platforms like this. There’s so much talent and here is a place for them to do this.

The teenagers have the freedom to vocalize their expression in a healthy way.

“I am quite a nervous person, but when i'm at Jamming Station I put all of that behind me when I walk through those doors. It has not only increased my playing and singing ability, it has set me new challenges, given me a great amount of motivation, performance opportunities and has also helped a lot with my recovery.”

“I have most enjoyed the atmosphere of the group which is very relaxed and welcoming”

“It’s given me the chance to get to know people and make friends. I’ve really enjoyed having a space to hang out and make music”

"Jamming Station has given me the opportunity to do what I most love and to do that with others, to develop my skills and to have the chance to form friendships with people outside of school. It has built my confidence as a performer and as a person.”
Chloe, Singer, Age 15

“It has given me the courage to perform to friends and I would like to rehearse more"

“Helped me to not only perform in front of an audience but also value my voice more. Over the years I’m sure my slow growth in confidence has mostly come from attending Jamming station. I feel like it really held a base for me to enjoy music with others that had that same interest and so made me a more positive and healthy person.”

“Wonderful to see young people flexing their wings and flying high!”
Chris, musician

“Jamming station has really supported me with songwriting and improvisation on violin. Jamming station has given more time given me the space to try new ideas out “

“I love the energy that gets created in a jam, and the spontaneity of it all as well, the fact that neither player knows on what path the music is going to take next.”

“Jamming Station has given me motivation, plus space and time to do more with my music. I’ve made new friends and had the opportunity to perform”

“Jamming station has really opened my eyes to making our own music. . .it’s a great platform for performing and I have learnt a lot about performance from just one show with them.
This will help not just with my music but in other aspects of life such as confidence and expressing yourself."

I have enjoyed singing with other people and building my confidence

“I really enjoyed the performance as I usually just practice my drums on my own. It was brilliant and we all did really well.”

“When I play music, it's as if all my problems disappear and to be able to share that with people is incredible.”

The best 3 quid i've ever spent...

"That was the best 3 quid I've ever spent in the Barrel House', and I love how the adults are invited into a youth music night, instead of the other way round"
Lizzy, audience member from Totnes


"It was brilliant. People really enjoyed seeing the young musicians performing and then having the chance to perform on the Barrel House Ballroom stage. I hope these evenings will continue to happen" Mike, audience member, Ashburton.


If you are between 13 and 21 and want to take part in Jamming Station we would love to hear from you.
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